Woman Breastfeeding TV Host Live On Air


Dutch TV host, Paul De Leeuw, get’s breastfed as he drinks a lady’s breast-milk live on air. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Breastfeeding …

24 Responses to “Woman Breastfeeding TV Host Live On Air”

  1. bam999645 says:


  2. BarbeeSpeaks says:

    Lol, No I wouldn’t. But it would make much more sense because they are actually the same species.

  3. Siddhesh Kalukhe says:



  4. juniwilliamsqoqo says:

    it wasnt neccesary for him to suck her tit on tv. jus pump it into a glass

  5. chris loft says:

    No I would get it my self

  6. Aarnav Bagchi says:

    can i get the uncensored version of this

  7. C01V1P4Q says:


  8. allthatisevil6ify says:

    O yes

  9. loonytunes2602 says:


  10. Owen Williams says:


  11. Destiny Clark says:


  12. martin lennigg says:

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  13. silverblue73 says:

    other than social taboos there’s nothing wrong with it.

  14. irukaio says:

    wait, I don’t understand. Drinking breast milk is not something everyone else does?

  15. amelia Herrington says:


  16. SUBSCRlB3D says:

    that’s why i’m dutch.

  17. a0979156009 says:


  18. vineshneju says:


  19. vineshneju says:


  20. Esthethebest1000 says:

    Well, I’m dutch and I find it hilarious, he does more weird things
    btw, his name is Paul de Leeuw, wich means Paul the Lion, that’s why the soh is called Langs de Leeuw

  21. mohamed ashraf says:

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  22. monica ridge says:

    no way

  23. Tatercase Case says:

    Ummm noooo were not stupid

  24. leo gyui says:

    i found it stupid but funny, while drinking cows milk is stupid and not funny…